Upgrade Your Wireless N Router to 802.11 AC WiFi for only $40

No need to buy a new AC router if your budget doesn’t allow it. Hawking Technology has created a plug that attaches to your router’s ethernet plug and creates an AC WiFi network. Increase your router speeds by up to 3x.

This is great for not only budget solutions, but if you’re stuck with a internet provider modem/router combo that is old.

HW5AC Hi-Gain 5GHz Wireless-AC Network Upgrade

Don’t abandon your single band 802.11 router just because it can’t keep up with your brand new phone, tablet, or laptop. Use the HW5AC to upgrade your existing access point to the latest Wireless-AC standard.

HW5AC Hi-Gain 5GHz Wireless-AC Network Upgrade

Upgrade Your Router to the Wireless-AC Standard

Not ready to part with your router? Whether your internet service provider forced a router/modem combination that you can’t change, or you simply just don’t want to risk taking your network down to setup a new router, Hawking can help! Use the HW5AC to upgrade your device to the fastest wireless standard by simply plugging the Wireless-AC Network Upgrade into your existing device’s available ethernet port.

Previous wireless standards like 802.11b/g provide speeds that are sufficient for checking emails and surfing the internet, but if your wireless demands have increased to include streaming movies, downloading high definition content, and data intensive file transfers, the Wireless-AC standard is for you. While other networking companies force you into buying new devices, Hawking has developed this unique product that allows you to add on to your existing networking device to connect with your brand new smartphone, tablet, and Ultrabook at supercharged speeds.

Product Overview

The HW5AC not only supports supercharged Wireless-AC speeds, it also features a rotatable external hi-gain antenna to maximize your Wi-Fi reception and provide stable high speed connections! It’s slim ethernet design ensures that the HW5AC is not only portable, but also compatible with all RJ45 ports. The self-locking mechanism guarantees against the commotions of everyday life, making sure your AC upgrade stays connected and secure.

How It Works

The HW5AC has two modes. The Primary mode is 5GHz AC Access Point Mode. This means you can plug the HW5AC directly into your wireless device, (ie. router, access point, bridge, repeater, etc.) and instantly upgrade it to the Wireless-AC standard. Without the HW5AC, your new 5GHz compatible phone, tablet, or laptop will be forced to connect at the slower 2.4GHz frequency. Once the HW5AC is installed, your 5GHz devices will connect at blazing fast 5GHz speeds; up to 3X faster than the 2.4GHz 802.11N frequency. Maximize your speed and optimize your network all while maintaining your existing wireless networking device and settings!

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